Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members
Last Updated: 1 Jun 2015
  • Pres. Ali Ben BONGO Ondimba
  • Prime Min. Daniel ONA ONDO
  • Min. of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, & Food SecurityLuc OYOUBI
  • Min. of Budget & Public Finance Christian MAGNAGNA
  • Min. for the Civil Service, Admin. Reform, & Modernization of Legal Framework & InstitutionsSerge MABIALA
  • Min. of Culture, Arts, & Civic Education Ida RETENO Assonouet
  • Min. of Digital Economy, Communication, & Postal ServicesBlaise LOUEMBE
  • Min. of Economy & Planning Jean Christophe AKAGHA MBA
  • Min. of Energy & Water Resources Desire GUEDON
  • Min. of Family & Social Affairs Honorine Nzet BITEGHE
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs Emmanuel ISSOZE-NGONDET
  • Min. of Health Fidele MENGUE M'Engouang
  • Min. of Interior, Public Security, Immigration, Decrees, & DecentralizationGuy-Bertrand MAPANGOU
  • Min. of Investment Promotion, Infrastructure, Housing, & Territorial DevelopmentMagloire NGAMBIA
  • Min. of Justice & Keeper of the Seals Seraphin MOUNDOUNGA
  • Min. of Labor, Employment, & Vocational Training Simon NTOUTOUME Emane
  • Min. of Mines, Industry, & Tourism Regis IMMONGAULT Tatagani
  • Min. of National Defense Ernest MPOUHO Epigat
  • Min. of National Education & Technical & Vocational EducationLeon NZOUBA
  • Min. of Oil & Hydrocarbons Etienne NGOUBOU
  • Min. for Relations With the Institutions & Govt. SpokespersonDenise MEKAMNE
  • Min. of Small & Medium-Size Enterprises, Artisans, & CommerceGabriel TCHANGO
  • Min. of Transport Paulette MENGUE M'Owono
  • Min. of Water & Forests
  • Ambassador to the US Michael MOUSSA-ADAMO
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Noel Nelson MESSONE