Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members
Papua New Guinea
Last Updated: 8 Sep 2014
  • Governor Gen. Michael OGIO
  • Prime Min. Peter Paire O'NEILL
  • Dep. Prime Min. Leo DION
  • Min. for Agriculture & Livestock Tommy TOMSCOLL
  • Min. for Bougainville Affairs Steven Kama PIRIKA
  • Min. for Commerce, Trade, & Energy Richard MARU
  • Min. for Communication & Information Technology Jimmy MIRINGTORO
  • Min. for Community Development, Religion, & Family AffairsLoujaya TONI
  • Min. for Civil Aviation Davis STEPHEN
  • Min. for Correctional Services Jim SIMATAB
  • Min. for Defense Fabian POK, Dr.
  • Min. for Education Nick KUMAN
  • Min. for Environment & Conservation John PUNDARI
  • Min. for Finance James MARAPE
  • Min. for Fisheries & Marine Resources Mao ZEMMING
  • Min. for Foreign Affairs & Immigration Rimbink PATO
  • Min. for Forestry & Climate Change Douglas TOMURIESA
  • Min. for Health & HIV AIDS Michael MALABAG
  • Min. for Higher Education, Research, Science, & TechnologyDelilah GORE
  • Min. for Housing & Urban Development Paul ISIKIEL
  • Min. for Justice Kerenga KUA
  • Min. for Labor & Industrial Relations Benjamin POPOWA
  • Min. for Lands & Physical Planning Benny ALLAN
  • Min. for Mining Byron CHAN
  • Min. for National Planning Charles ABEL
  • Min. for Petroleum & Energy Nixon DUBAN
  • Min. for Police Robert ATIYAFA
  • Min. for Public Enterprises & State Investment Ben MICAH
  • Min. for Public Service Puka TEMU, Sir Dr.
  • Min. for Sports & the Pacific Games Justin TKATCHENKO
  • Min. for Tourism, Art, & Culture Boka KONDRA
  • Min. for Transport Ano PALA
  • Min. for Treasury Patrick PRUAITCH
  • Min. for Works & Implementation Francis AWESA
  • Attorney Gen. Ano PALA
  • Governor, Central Bank Loi BAKANI
  • Ambassador to the US Rupa Abraham MALINA
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Robert Guba AISI