Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
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  • Pres.
    Jose Mario VAZ
  • Prime Min.
    Aristides GOMES
  • Min. in the Presidency for the Council of Ministers & Parliamentary Affairs
    Agnelo REGALA
  • Min. of Admin. Reform, Public Service, & Labor
    Fernando GOMES
  • Min. of Agriculture & Rural Development
    Nicolau DOS SANTOS
  • Min. of Combatants of Freedom of the Homeland
    Aristides Ocante da SILVA
  • Min. of Commerce, Tourism, & Handicrafts
    Vicente FERNANDES
  • Min. of Economics & Finance
    Aristides GOMES
  • Min. of Education, Higher Education, Youth, Culture, & Sport
    Camilo Simoes PEREIRA
  • Min. of Energy, Industry, & Natural Resources
    Antonio Serifo EMBALO
  • Min. of Environment & Sustainable Development
    Antonio Sirifo EMBALO
  • Min. of Fisheries
    Adiatu Djalo NANDINGA
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs, Intl. Cooperation, & Communities
    Joao Ribeiro Butiam CO
  • Min. of Justice & Human Rights
    Iaia DJALO
  • Min. of National Defense
    Eduardo da Costa SANHA
  • Min. of Natural Resources
    Barros Bacar BANJAI
  • Min. of Public Health, Family, & Social Cohesion
    Maria Inacia Co SANHA
  • Min. of Public Works, Housing, & Urban Planning
    Antonio Oscar BARBOSA
  • Min. of Social Communication
    Victor Gomes PEREIRA
  • Min. of State for the Interior
    Mutaro DJALO
  • Min. of Territorial Admin.
  • Min. of Trade & Business Promotion
    Victor Luis Pinto Fernandes MANDINGA
  • Min. of Transport & Communications
    Mamadu Serifo JAQUITE
  • Sec. of State for Budget & Fiscal Affairs
    Joao Alberto DJATA
  • Sec. of State for Communities
    Queba BANJAI
  • Sec. of State for Energy
    Joao SAAD
  • Sec. of State for the Environment
    Quite DJALO
  • Sec. of State for Hospital Management
    Pauleta CAMARA
  • Sec. of State for Regional Integration & Planning
    Humiliano Alves CARDOSO
  • Sec. of State for the Treasury
    Suleimane SEIDI
  • Sec. of State for Youth, Culture, & Sport
    Florentino Fernando DIAS
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York