Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign Government
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members
Last Updated: 2 Nov 2012
Guinea-Bissau since the coup d'etat on 12 April 2012 has been ruled by a junta-selected Transitional National Council. All leaders are serving in an acting capacity.
  • Pres. Manuel Serifo NHAMADJO
  • Prime Min. Rui Duarte de BARROS
  • Min. for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Fernando VAZ
  • Min. of Agriculture & Fisheries Malam MANE
  • Min. of Civil Service & State Modernization Carlos Joaquim VAMAIN
  • Min. of Defense & War Veterans Celestino de CARVALHO
  • Min. of Economy, Planning, & Regional Integration Degol MENDES
  • Min. of Energy, Industry, & Natural Resources Daniel GOMES
  • Min. of Finance Abubacar Demba DAHABA
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs, Intl. Cooperation, & Diaspora Faustino Fudut IMBALI
  • Min. of Infrastructures Fernando GOMES
  • Min. of Interior Antonio Suka NTCHAMA
  • Min. of Justice Mamadu Saido BALDE
  • Min. of National Education, Culture, Science, Youth, & Sports Vincente PUNGURA
  • Min. of Public Health & Social Solidarity Agostinho CA
  • Min. of Social Communication & Parliamentary Affairs Fernando VAZ
  • Min. of Territorial Admin. & Local Govt. Baptista TE
  • Min. of Trade Abubacar BALDE
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York