Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
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  • Pres.
    Klaus IOHANNIS
  • Prime Min.
    Dacian CIOLOS
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Costin Grigore BORC
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Vasile DANCU
  • Min. of Agriculture & Rural Development
    Achim IRIMESCU
  • Min. for Communications and Information Society (Acting)
  • Min. of Culture
    Corina SUTEU
  • Min. of Economy, Trade, & Relations With Business Environment
    Costin Grigore BORC
  • Min. of Education
    Mircea DUMITRU
  • Min. of Energy
    Victor Vlad GRIGORESCU
  • Min. of the Environment, Water, & Forests
    Cristiana Pasca PALMER
  • Min. of European Funds
    Cristian GHINEA
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs
  • Min. of Health
  • Min. of the Internal Affairs
    Petre TOBA
  • Min. of Justice
    Raluca Alexandra PRUNA
  • Min. of Labor, Family, Social Protection, & Elderly
    Dragos Nicolae PISLARU
  • Min. of National Defense
    Mihnea Ioan MOTOC
  • Min. of Public Finance
    Anca Dana Paliu DRAGU
  • Min. of Regional Development & Public Admin.
    Vasile DANCU
  • Min. of Social Dialogue
    Victoria-Violeta ALEXANDRU
  • Min. of Transport
    Sorin BUSE
  • Min. of Youth & Sports
    Elisabeta LIPA
  • Min.-Del. for Liaison With Parliament
    Ciprian BUCUR
  • Min.-Del. for Romanian Diaspora
    Maria GLIGOR
  • Head, Prime Minister's Chancellery
    Ioan Dragos TUDORACHE
  • Governor, National Bank of Romania
    Mugur ISARESCU
  • Ambassador to the US
    George Cristian MAIOR
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Ion JINGA