Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Last Updated: 6 Oct 2015
  • Governor Gen. Cuthbert Montraville SEBASTIAN
  • Prime Min. Timothy HARRIS
  • Dep. Prime Min. Shawn RICHARDS
  • Senior Min. Vance ARMORY
  • Min. of Agriculture, Health, Health Insurance, Social Services, Human Settlements, Community Development, Land & Cooperatives, & Gender AffairsEugene HAMILTON
  • Min. of Education, Youth, & Sports Shawn RICHARDS
  • Min. of Finance, Sustainable Development, National Security, People Empowerment, & Constituency EmpowermentTimothy HARRIS
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs & Aviation Mark Anthony Graham BRANTLEY
  • Min. of Nevis Affairs, Labor, Social Security, & Ecclesiastical AffairsVance ARMORY
  • Min. of Public Infrastructure, Posts, Urban Development, & TransportIan LIBURD
  • Min. of Tourism, Intl. Trade, Industry, & Commerce Lindsay GRANT
  • Min. of State With Responsibility for Health, Community Development, Gender Affairs, & Social ServicesWendy PHIPPS
  • Attorney Gen. Vincent BYRON, Jr.
  • Ambassador to the US
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Delano Frank BART