Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members
San Marino
Last Updated: 1 Apr 2013
  • Captain Regent (Co-Head of State) Denis AMICI
  • Captain Regent (Co-Head of State) Antonella MULARONI
  • Sec. of State for Foreign & Political Affairs & for Telecommunications & TransportationPasquale VALENTINI
  • Sec. of Budget & Finance Claudio FELICI
  • Sec. of Health, Social Security, & Social Affairs Claudio PODESCHI
  • Sec. of Industry & Trade Marco ARZILLI
  • Sec. of Interior & Civil Protection Valeria CIAVATTA
  • Sec. of Justice, Information, & Research Augusto CASALI
  • Sec. of Labor Francesco MUSSONI
  • Sec. of Public Education, Culture, & Youth Policies Romeo MORRI
  • Sec. of Territory, Environment, & Agriculture Gian Carlo VENTURINI
  • Sec. of Tourism, Sports, & Economic Planning Fabio BERARDI
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Daniele BODINI