Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
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  • Pres.
  • Prime Min.
    Komi KLASSOU
  • Min. of Agriculture, Livestock, & Water
    Ouro Koura AGADZI
  • Min. of Basic Development, Handicrafts, Youth, & Youth Employment
    Victoire Sidemho TOMEGAH-DOGBE
  • Min. of Commerce & Promotion of Private Sector
    Bernadette Essossimna LEGZIM-BALOUKI
  • Min. of Communication, Culture, Sports, & Civic Education
    Guy Madje LORENZO
  • Min. of Economy & Finance
    Sani YAYA
  • Min. of Environment & Forest Resources
    Andre JOHNSON
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, & African Integration
    Komlan Edo Robert DUSSEY
  • Min. of Health & Social Protection
    Moustapha MIJIYAWA
  • Min. of Higher Education & Research
    Octave Nicoue BROOHM
  • Min. of Industry & Tourism
    Gabriel IHOU
  • Min. of Infrastructure & Transportation
    Ninsao GNOFAM
  • Min. of Justice, Relations With Institutions, & Human Rights
  • Min. of Mail & Telecommunication
    Cina LAWSON
  • Min. of Mining & Energy
    Dederiwe ABLI-BIDAMON
  • Min. of Primary, Secondary, & Vocational Education
    Komi Paalamwe TCHAKPELE
  • Min. of Public Service, Labor, & Admin. Reform
    Gilbert BAWARA
  • Min. of Security & Civil Protection
    Damehane YARK
  • Min. of Social Action & Promotion of Women & Literacy
    Tchabinandi KOLANI YENTCHARE
  • Min. of Territorial Admin., Decentralization, & Local Authorities
    Payadawa BOUKPESSI
  • Min. of Urban Planning, Housing, & Living
    Fiatuwo Kwadjo SESSENOU
  • Min.-Del. to the Min. of Primary & Secondary Education Charged With Technical Education & Vocational Training
    Georges Kwawu AIDAM
  • Min.-Del. to the Pres. in Charge of Planning & Development
  • Min. in the Presidency
    Batienne KPABRE-SYLLI
  • Min. in the Prime Minister's Office
    Elliott OHIN
  • Sec. of State to the Min. of Justice & Relations With Institutions Charged With Human Rights
    Nakpah POLO
  • Ambassador to the US
    Frederic Edem HEGBE
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Kokou KPAYEDO