Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Burkina Faso
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  • Pres.
    Roch Marc Christian KABORE
  • Prime Min.
    Paul Kaba THIEBA
  • Min. for African Integration & Burkinabe Expatriates
    Paul Robert TIENDREBEOGO
  • Min. of Agriculture, Food Security, & Water Resources
  • Min. of Animal Resources & Fisheries
    Sommanogo KOUTOU
  • Min. of Commerce, Industry, & Handicraft
    Harouna KABORE
  • Min. of Communications & Relations With the Parliament & Govt. Spokesman
    Remy Fulgence DANDJINOU
  • Min. of Culture, Arts, & Tourism
    Abdoul Karim SANGO
  • Min. of Development of the Digital Economy & Post
    Hadja Fatimata Ouattara SANON
  • Min. of Economy, Finance, & Development
    Hadizatou Rosine COULIBALY
  • Min. of Energy
    Bechir Ismael OUEDRAOGO
  • Min. of Environment, Green Economy, & Climate Change
    Batio BASSIERE
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation
    Alpha BARRY
  • Min. of Health
    Nicolas MEDA
  • Min. of Housing & Urban Development
    Maurice Dieudonne BONANE
  • Min. of Infrastructure
    Eric W. BOUGOUMA
  • Min. of Justice, Human Rights, Civic Promotion, & Keeper of the Seals
    Rene BAGORO
  • Min. of Mines & Quarries
    Oumarou IDANI
  • Min. of National Defense & Veterans
    Jean-Claude BOUDA
  • Min. of National Education & Literacy
    Stanislas OUARO
  • Min. of Public Service, Labor, & Social Security
  • Min. of Secondary, Higher Education, Scientific Research, & Innovation
    Alkassoun MAIGA
  • Min. of Security
    Clement SAWADOGO
  • Min. of Sports & Recreation
    Daouda AZOUPIOU
  • Min. of State at the Presidency
    Simon COMPAORE
  • Min. of Territorial Admin. & Decentralization
    Simeon SAWADOGO
  • Min. of Transportation & Road Security
    Vincent DABILGOU
  • Min. of Water & Sanitation
    Niougou Ambroise OUEDRAOGO
  • Min. of Women, National Solidarity, & Family
    Helene Marie Laurence ILBOUDO
  • Min. of Youth, Training, & Professional Integration
    Smaila OUEDRAOGO
  • Min.-Del. to the Min. of Economy, Finance, & Development
    Hadizatou Rosine COULIBALY-SORY
  • Min.-Del. to the Min. of Economy, Finance, & Development in Charge of Budget
    Edith Clemence YAKA
  • Ambassador to the US
    Seydou KABORE
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Yemdaogo Eric TIARE