Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign GovernmentChiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
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Vietnamese officials are addressed by the last element in their names.
  • Pres.
    Nguyen Phu TRONG
  • Vice Pres.
    Dang Thi Ngoc THINH
  • Prime Min.
    Nguyen Xuan PHUC
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Truong Hoa BINH
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Vuong Dinh HUE
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Trinh Dinh DUNG
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Vu Duc DAM
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Pham Binh MINH
  • Min. of Agriculture & Rural Development
    Nguyen Xuan CUONG
  • Min. of Construction
    Pham Hong HA
  • Min. of Culture, Sports, & Tourism
    Nguyen Ngoc THIEN
  • Min. of Education & Training
    Phung Xuan NHA
  • Min. of Finance
    Dinh Tien DUNG
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs
    Pham Binh MINH
  • Min. of Home Affairs
    Le Vinh TAN
  • Min. of Industry & Trade
    Tran Tuan ANH
  • Min. of Information & Communications
    Truong Minh TUAN
  • Min. of Justice
    Le Thanh LONG
  • Min. of Labor, War Invalids, & Social Affairs
    Dao Ngoc DUNG
  • Min. of National Defense
    Ngo Xuan LICH , Sr. Lt. Gen.
  • Min. of Natural Resources & Environment
    Tran Hong HA
  • Min. of Planning & Investment
    Nguyen Chi DUNG
  • Min. of Public Health
    Nguyen Thi Kim TIEN
  • Min. of Public Security
    To LAM , Lt. Gen.
  • Min. of Science & Technology
    Chu Ngoc ANH
  • Min. of Transport
    Truong Quang NGHIA
  • Chmn., Govt. Inspectorate
    Le Minh KHAI
  • Chmn., Office of the Govt.
    Mai Tien DUNG
  • Chmn., State Ethnic Minorities Ctte.
    Do Van CHIEN
  • Governor, State Bank of Vietnam
    Le Minh HUNG
  • Ambassador to the US
    Ha Kim NGOC
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Dang Dinh QUY