ACIS  - Arms Control Intelligence Staff

ADCI/AP - Assistant DCI for Analysis and Production

ADCI/C - Assistant DCI for Collection

AFOSI - Air Force Office of Special Investigations

BDA -  Bomb Damage Assessment

CI - Counterintelligence

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

CJCS - Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

CNC - Crime and Narcotics Center

COE - Corps of Engineers

CMO - Central MASINT Organization

DCI - Director, Central Intelligence

DDCI/CM - Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Community Management

D&D - Denial and Deception

DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency

DoD - Department of Defense

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBIS - Foreign Broadcast Information Service

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

FIS - Foreign Intelligence Service

GIS - Geographic Information System

HUMINT - Human Intelligence

IC - Intelligence Community

IIR - Intelligence Information Report

IMINT - Imagery Intelligence

INR - Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State

INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service

I&W - Indications and Warning

JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCS/J2 - Director of Intelligence, Joint Chiefs of Staff

JDA - Japanese Defense Agency

JICPAC - US Pacific Command's Joint Intelligence Center

JITF-CT - Joint Intelligence Task Force—Combating Terrorism

JMIP - Joint Military Intelligence Program

MASINT - Measurement and Signatures Intelligence

MIB - Military Intelligence Board

MRB - Mission Requirements Board

NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service

NCIX - National Counterintelligence Executive

NIC - National Intelligence Council

NICB - National Intelligence Collection Board

NIMA - National Imagery and Mapping Agency

NIPB - National Intelligence Production Board

NMJIC - National Military Joint Intelligence Center

NNSA - National Nuclear Security Administration

NRO - National Reconnaissance Office

NSA - National Security Agency 

NSC - National Security Council

ODDCI/CM - Office of the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Community Management

OSIC - Ocean Surveillance Imagery Collection

OSINT - Open Source Intelligence

OSIS - Open Source Information System

SAE - Senior Acquisition Executive

SIGINT - Signals Intelligence

STRATJIC - US Strategic Command's Joint Intelligence Center

USGS - United States Geological Survey

WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction

WTO - World Trade Organization

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