Looking Ahead

At the end of FY 2001, with the events of 11 September, Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and NOBLE EAGLE, the Intelligence Community re-allocated a substantial portion of the IC's analysis and production work force to support military operations directly. To remedy resulting shortfalls, the Community has begun implementing the following:

  • Expanding commercial partnerships with industry to provide geospatial products and information needed to better support military operations.
  • Expanding contacts with the academic community.
  • Hiring additional analysts, both all source and single INT.
  • Hiring contractors to help improve productivity by filling key research and production support positions, thus freeing analysts to focus on core intelligence missions.

The number of hostile actors, their technological sophistication, and their willingness to act against US interests is large and growing. Within the context of risk management and investment strategy supporting high-priority requirements, we are developing a more agile intelligence enterprise that can respond to rapidly shifting intelligence priorities.

The next few years will see a convergence of technologies that will enable the Intelligence Community to reform its business practices. We are focusing on a more aggressive advanced research and development strategy against the most intractable intelligence problems and are encouraging risk-taking that promises significant payoff if successful. To achieve breakthroughs in science and technology, we are enlisting the assistance of the nation's best scientific and technical talent.

We recognize that providing solutions to our collection challenges requires significant changes in the way in which we acquire and manage both our human and technical collection systems. We are charting a course to converge collection requirements, data, and processes into a multi-faceted strategy for more timely and relevant intelligence support to policymakers and the military. We will continue to strengthen the IC through more innovative collection strategies and more efficient collection operations.

The Community's ongoing movement toward a more collaborative way of doing business requires substantial changes to its current information systems environment. The IC is developing an architecture to improve mission effectiveness through improved electronic connectivity while protecting information from unauthorized access. One of the IC's greatest challenges in this arena will be developing information solutions for sharing the appropriate intelligence among local, state, and federal agencies working homeland defense issues. We have taken an important step in this direction with the extension of INTELINK and improved liaison.

Posted: May 01, 2007 06:46 PM
Last Updated: Jan 03, 2012 12:53 PM