3D  Three Dimensional  

AFOSI  Air Force Office of Special Investigations

ARIMS  Afghanistan Reconstruction Information Management Strategy  

BACWORTH  Biological and Chemical On-line Repository of Technical Holdings (DIA)

BATF  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

BW  Biological Warfare  

CBIST Chemical and Biological Intelligence Support Team

CBRN&M  Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Missile

CI  Counterintelligence

CIA  Central Intelligence Agency

CIEP  Counter Intelligence Evaluation Program

CIO  Chief Information Officer

COMSEC  Communications Systems Security

CTC Counterterrorism Center

CW  Chemical Warfare  

D&D  Denial and Deception

DCI  Director of Central Intelligence

DCIIS  Defense Computer Intelligence Information System

DEA  Drug Enforcement Agency

DHS  Defense HUMINT Service

DIA  Defense Intelligence Agency

DICE  Defensive Information for Counterintelligence Espionage

DII  Defense Information Infrastructure

DoD  Department of Defense

DoDIIS  Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems

DOE  Department of Energy

DoS  Department of State

DSS Defense Security Service

DTIP Disruptive Technology Innovative Partnership  

FAA  Federal Aviation Administration

FBI  Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI/CTC  FBI Counterterrorism Center

FDDC  Foreign Denial and Deception Committee

FinCEN  Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

FY  Fiscal Year  

G8  An informal group of eight countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States  

HIU  Humanitarian Information Unit  

IC  Intelligence Community

INFOCON  Information [threat] Condition

INR  Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research

IOSS  Interagency Operations Security (OPSEC) Support Staff

ISTP  Information and Special Technologies Program  

J2  Joint Staff Director for Intelligence

JCMEC  Joint Captured Materiel Exploitation Center

JITF-CT  Joint Interagency Task Force – Counter Terrorism

JTTF  Joint Terrorism Task Force  

LEWG  Law Enforcement Working Group  

MIA  Missing in Action  

NATO  North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NCIX  National Counterintelligence Executive

NGO  Nongovernmental Organization

NIC  National Intelligence Council

NIMA  National Imagery and Mapping Agency

NIO  National Intelligence Officer

NJTTF  National Joint Terrorism Task Force

NNSA  National Nuclear Security Administration

NRO  National Reconnaissance Office

NSA  National Security Agency  

OCI  Office of Counter Intelligence

ODNCI  Office of Defense Nuclear Counter Intelligence

ONI  Office of Naval Intelligence

OPSEC  Operations Security

PKI  Public Key Infrastructure

POW  Prisoner of War  

USCENTCOM  United States Central Command

USCG  United States Coast Guard

USCS  United States Customs Service

USJFCOM  United States Joint Forces Command

USPACOM  United States Pacific Command

USSOCOM  United States Special Operations Command

USSS  United States Secret Service

USSTRATCOM  United States Strategic Command

USTRANSCOM  United States Transportation Command 

WMD  Weapons of Mass Destruction

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