Message from the Director of Central Intelligence

On behalf of the President, I am pleased to submit The 2002 Annual Report of the United States Intelligence Community. Throughout 2002, the US Intelligence Community has been at work in a dangerous and dynamic environment. From fighting terrorism to finding weapons of mass destruction, we have focused on converging threats and the social, economic, and political tensions that fuel them.

The Intelligence Community is meeting this convergence of threats with an essential mix of both urgency and longer-term vision. As we continue our relentless offensive effort to disrupt and destroy terrorist groups around the globe, we are working in close coordination with domestic agencies to protect Americans here at home. These efforts complement our Community's constant monitoring and analysis of events and trends throughout the world.

The past year has also reminded us of the vulnerabilities of our free and open society. Our continuing work to enhance security has a single aim:  to protect the vital liberties our nation was founded to uphold. Consistent with that objective, new technology is being applied in creative and highly effective ways, and institutional and procedural barriers that impede communication and collaboration are being addressed aggressively.

Most importantly, we are building up our greatest resource: our people. The Intelligence Community is hiring talented, dedicated Americans to join an extraordinary work force with an extraordinary mission—tackling the challenges posed by the pressing intelligence problems of this new century.  We will face many of those problems in partnership with the new Department of Homeland Security, as it builds bridges between the Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities.  We will fully support that department by sharing information and by providing connectivity and training.

The men and women of the Intelligence Community are making profound and lasting contributions to our national security. I appreciate this opportunity to share their efforts with Congress and the American people.


George J. Tenet

Posted: Apr 30, 2007 05:13 PM
Last Updated: Jan 03, 2012 12:54 PM