ACIC - Army Counter Intelligence Center.

ACIS - Arms Control Intelligence Staff.

ADCI/A - Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production.

ADCI/C - Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Collection.

AFOSI - Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

ATAC - Anti-Terrorism Alert Center, Under NCIS.

ATC - Applied Technology Center.

ATO - Advanced Technology Office.

BW - Biological Weapons.

C3I - Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence.

CBJB - Congressional Budget Justification Book.

CBW - Chemical and Biological Warfare.

CCP - Consolidated Cryptologic Program.

CI - Counterintelligence.

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency.

CIAP - Central Intelligence Agency Program.

CIARDS - Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability System.

CINC - Commander in Chief.

CI&SCM - Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures.

CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States.

CITAC - Computer Investigations and Infrastructure Threat Assessment Center.

CLANSIG - Clandestine Signals Intelligence.

CMA - Community Management Account.

CMO - Central MASINT Organization.

CMS - Community Management Staff.

CNC - Crime and Narcotics Center.

COE - Common Operating Environment.

COMINT - Communications Intelligence.

CONUS - Continental United States.

COSPO - Community Open Source Program Office.

COTS - Commercial Off The Shelf.

COVCOM - Covert Communications.

CPCC - Community Personnel Coordinating Committee.

CTBT - Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

CT - Counterterrorism.

CTC - Counterterrism Center.

CW - Chemical Weapons.

CWC - Chemical Weapons Convention.

DAO - Defense Attache Office.

DCI - Director of Central Intelligence.

DCIIS - Defense Counterintelligence Integrated Information System.

DDCI/CM - Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Community Management.

DDS - Defense Dissemination System.

DHS - Defense HUMINT Service.

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency.

DIAC - Defense Intelligence Analysis Center.

DO - Directorate of Operations.

DoD - Department of Defense.

DoD/FCIP - Department of Defense Foreign Counterintelligence Program.

DOE - Department of Energy.

DSS - Defense Security Service.

ELINT - Electronic Intelligence.

ETF - Environmental Task Force.

EXDIR/ICA - Executive Director/Intelligence Community Affairs.

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation.

FBI/FCI - Federal Bureau of Investigation Foreign Counterintelligence Program.

FBI/SCM - Federal Bureau of Investigation Countermeasures Program.

FIA - Future Imagery Architecture.

FISA - Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

FIS - Foreign Intelligence Service.

FBIS - Foreign Broadcast Information Service.

FCI - Foreign Counterintelligence.

FISINT - Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence.

FLC - Foreign Language Committee.

FOIA - Freedom Of Information Act.

FSU - Former Soviet Union.

FYDP - Future Years Defense Program.

GATT - General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs.

GDIP - General Defense Intelligence Program.

GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications.

HF - High Frequency.

HOCNET - HUMINT Operational Communications Network.

HUMINT - Human Source Intelligence.

IC - Intelligence Community.

ICBM - Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile.

IC CIO - Intelligence Community Chief Information Officer.

IG - Inspector General. IO - Information Operations.

IMINT - Imagery Intelligence and Geospatial Information.

INR - Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research.

IPRG - Intelligence Program Review Group.

IW - Information Warfare.

JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff.

JIC - Joint Intelligence Center.

JIVA - Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture.

JMIP - Joint Military Intelligence Program.

JTF - Joint Task Force.

JTTF - Joint Terrorism Task Force.

JWICS - Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System.

MASINT - Measurement and Signature Intelligence.

MBB - Mission Based Budgeting.

NACIC - National Counterintelligence Center.

NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement.

NAIC - National Air Intelligence Center.

NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical weapons.

NCIPB - National Counterintelligence Policy Board.

NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

NDIC - National Drug Intelligence Center.

NFIP - National Foreign Intelligence Program.

NIC - National Intelligence Council.

NICB - National Intelligence Collection Board.

NIMA - National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

NIMAP - National Imagery and Mapping Agency Program.

NIPB - National Intelligence Producers Board.

NIST - National Intelligence Support Team.

NPC - Nonproliferation Center.

NRO - National Reconnaissance Office.

NRP - National Reconnaissance Program.

NSA - National Security Agency.

NSA/CSS - National Security Agency/Central Security Service.

OMB - Office of Management and Budget.

OPM - Office of Personnel Management.

ORD - Office of Research and Development.

OSIS - Open-Source Information System.

PAEO - Program Assessment and Evaluation Office, Community Management Staff.

PDD - Presidential Decision Directive.

R&D - Research and Development.

SAFE - Support to the Analysts’ File Environment.

SIGINT - Signals intelligence. Intelligence information derived from all communications intelligence, electronics intelligence, and foreign instrumentation signals intelligence, however transmitted or collected.

SLBM - Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile.

SSO - Special Security Office/Officer.

TECH ELINT - Technical Electronic Intelligence.

TIARA - Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities. The military service intelligence programs sepa- rate from the NFIP and (starting in FY 1996) from the JMIP.

UCA - Unified Cryptologic Architecture.

USACOM - US Atlantic Command.

USCENTCOM - US Central Command.

USCS - US Cryptologic System.

USEUCOM - US European Command.

USFK - US Forces Korea.

USIGS - US Imagery and Geospatial Information System.

USPACOM - US Pacific Command.

USSOCOM - US Special Operations Command.

USSOUTHCOM - US Southern Command.

USSPACECOM - US Space Command.


USSTRATCOM - US Strategic Command.

USTRANSCOM - US Transportation Command.

WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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