Strategic Priorities

China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Russia have been identified by US policymakers as strategic priorities for the IC. The following accomplishments are listed by country.



  • Stability. CIA sponsored an unclassified conference on prospects for China’s stability over the next 10 years during which intelligence analysts and other experts from academia and US Government agencies set out their views on unrest in the rural areas and the implications of economic reforms for social disturbances.
  • Policy Support. CIA provided analytic support to policymakers on a variety of issues affecting US-China relations.
  • Human Rights Negotiation Support. A CIA team reviewed and translated materials on dissident activities in support of the 11-12 January 1999 State Department human rights negotiations with China.


  • List of Warning Indicators Developed. CIA developed a surge capability to respond to crises in the Caribbean by developing a list of indicators to provide warning of rapid change in Cuba that is updated quarterly.
  • Illegals Network. In May 1999, a 26-count superseding indictment was brought against the 10 members of an illegals network in Miami Florida, who were arrested on September 12, 1998. Mostnotably, this indictment included a count charging one of the subjects with conspiracy to commit murder in relation to the Cuban downing of two “Brothers to the Rescue” airplanes on February 24, 1996.
  • Cuban Techniques. FBI investigations and operations have identified techniques used by Cuban intelligence officers in spotting and assessing US persons for possible recruitment, to include individuals working within the US Government.

North Korea

  • On-going Support. CIA supported US military commanders and policymakers by providing assessments of North Korean developments.
  • Support to Deployed Forces Along the Korean DMZ. The National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) and NIMA produced a definitive baseline report of all North Korean border defense posts along the DMZ.

  • All-Source Analytic Support. CIA produced a large body of analysis focused on key Russian political, economic, and military issues.
  • Internet Sources Exploited.In response to the explosion of Internet sources, CIA initiated a daily Internet selection list based on material found on multiple Russian Internet sites which cover a broad range of topics from daily news to political, economic, military, and scientific information. The list has been well received by customers and has been used in analytic products.

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