This report was originally posted on the Central Intelligence Agency's Internet Web site at approximately 5 p.m. Thursday, October 8, 1998--the day that it was delivered to Congress. It contained one paragraph with editorial errors, lacked all but the first footnote, and contained some formatting problems. The on-line version has been corrected as detailed below.

1. Paragraph 35 of the report contained editorial errors. The paragraph as it appears in the printed Report has been added to the on-line Report. This is the text of paragraph 35 as originally posted on the Internet:

  • CIA Policies and Practices. CIA acted inconsistently in handling allegations or information indicating that Contra-related organizations and individuals were involved in drug trafficking. In some five cases, CIA pursued confirmation of allegations or information of drug allegations. In other acted to end a relationship after receiving drug trafficking allegations or information. In another six cases, CIA knowledge of allegations or information indicating that organizations or individuals had been involved in drug trafficking did not deter their useemployment by CIA. In other at least two of those cases, CIA did not act to verify drug trafficking allegations or information even when it had the opportunity to do so. In still other cases, CIA deemed the allegation or information to be unsubstantiated or not credible.

2. In the main report, footnotes 2-40 were inadvertently left out as were the two footnotes in Appendix A and the single footnote in Appendix E. All missing footnotes have been added. The footnotes themselves are contained in a separate HTML file and their associated numbers have been added to the Report's text as links to the corresponding footnote.

3. Underlining contained in the originals of quoted material were inadvertently left out; the correct underlining has been added. (Underlining contained in original quotes is indicated by the phrase ''(Underlining in original.)'' following each affected quote.) The affected paragraphs are 573, 712, and 1126.

4. In the printed version of the Report, the authors added emphasis to selected words within quotations by printing them in bold. (Added emphasis is indicated by the phrase "(Emphasis added.)" following each affected quote.) In converting the Report's text from its original format to HTML, block quotations were converted to a bold font. The words to which the authors had added emphasis then appeared in a normal font. To restore the emphasis the authors intended, the block quotations--as in the printed version--have been indented from the left and right margins and the quotation appears in a normal font except the words to which the authors added emphasis which appear in bold. The affected paragraphs are: 45, 47, 54, 56, 59, 65, 67, 936, and 1027.

5. In converting the original document to HTML, normal spacing between several paragraphs was lost. Blank lines have been inserted following paragraphs 5, 31, 197, 203, 410, 468, 534, 543, 606, 812, 987, and 1087; before the first and after the last bullets under paragraph 22 in Appendix C; and after the last bullet under paragraph 1 in Appendix D.

6. The heading after paragraph 903 has been centered.

7. In the Table of Contents, a duplicate link to "Pilots, Companies, and Other Individuals Working for Companies Used to Support the Contra Program" was removed.

8. In the Table of Contents, titles were added for Appendices C, D and E.

9. Blank space was removed between the title and text of paragraph 251 and from the middle of paragraphs 102, 622, and 981.

For viewers' convenience, Exhibit 1, which consists of 12 pages, has been modified so that viewers may move back and forward from page to page rather than having to return to the Report's index to select the previous or next page.

Posted: Apr 26, 2007 11:33 AM
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2007 11:33 AM