Report of Investigation -- Volume I: The California Story

Office of Inspector General

Investigations Staff



Allegations of Connections Between CIA and The Contras in Cocaine Trafficking to the United States


Volume I: The California Story

January 29, 1998


Glossary of Terms



Scope of Investigation

Procedures and Resources


  • Origin and Development of the Contra Conflict
  • Central Intelligence Agency Involvement with the Contras
    • Chronology of Key Developments Related to the Contra War

  • Cocaine Flows through Central America in the 1980s
  • Results of Previous Investigations into Alleged Contra Drug Trafficking


  • Was CIA involved in the California-based drug trafficking of Ricky Donnell Ross, Danilo Blandon or Juan Norwin Meneses Cantarero?
    • Did CIA have any relationship or dealings with Ross, Blandon or Meneses?

    • Was the drug trafficking of Ross, Blandon or Meneses linked to CIA or Contra activities?
    • Did CIA intervene or otherwise play a role in any investigative or judicial processes involving the drug trafficking activities of Ross, Blandon or Meneses?
  • Did any of the individuals who were arrested in "The Frogman Case" have any relationship with CIA? Were the drug trafficking activities of any of those individuals linked to the Contras?
    • Were those arrested connected with CIA?
    • Were those arrested connected with the Contras?
    • Was CIA involved in the investigation of The Frogman Case?
    • To what extent, and why, did CIA become involved in the prosecution of The Frogman Case? What was the effect of CIA involvement in the prosecution?
    • To what extent did CIA respond to congressional inquiries regarding The Frogman Case?
    • Chronology of Key Developments Related to The Frogman Case





Note: This is an unclassified version of a Report of Investigation that included information that is classified for national security reasons pursuant to Executive Order 12958 and sensitive law enforcement information. To the fullest extent possible, the text of this unclassified version is the same as that included in the classified version. Where different language has been required for national security or law enforcement purposes, the revised language is as close as possible to the original text.

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