Maymunah Munitions Depot

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Background: In various declarations since 1991, the Iraqis have indicated that chemical warfare munitions were at Al Muthanna, Fallujah, An Nasiriyah, Khamisiyah, Ukhaydir, and Maymunah. With the exception of the last site, we have discussed these facilities in various unclassified testimonies and papers. The paragraph below provides details on Maymunah comparable to information declassified on other sites where no chemical warfare agent release is judged to have occurred.

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Maymunah Munitions Depot. This well-secured munitions depot, about 10 km south of Al Amarah, was constructed during the late 1970s. It contains 32 bunkers. The Iraqis declared in June 1996 that 4,100 sarin-filled rockets were transferred to the depot during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. On the basis of its accounting efforts, UNSCOM assesses that these rockets were eventually moved to Al Muthanna. Other than the Iraqi declaration, we have no evidence that chemical warfare munitions were stored at the depot. It was not on intelligence lists as a suspect chemical warfare munitions storage site before the war. Finally, we have no evidence that the depot was bombed during Desert Storm.

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Posted: Apr 24, 2007 02:49 PM
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