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This document, for the first time, lays out a ten-year Strategic Investment Plan for Intelligence Community Analysis (SIP)It outlines the goals and future requirements for the 11 agencies of the National Intelligence Production Board (NIPB) and the implementing actions—budgetary, procedural, and policy—that are needed to build and maintain the Intelligence Community’s core analytic capabilities.  It specifies deliverables beginning in FY 2001.

The NIPB, chaired by the Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production (ADCI/AP), undertook this inaugural Strategic Investment Plan for Intelligence Community Analysis as a follow-on to an earlier effort to assess the analytic resources available to the US Intelligence Community to support its wide range of missions.  The plan looks at future analytic requirements across six pillars:  investing in people; technology; intelligence priorities; customer support; interacting with collectors; and external analysis.

The information and recommendations presented here reflect the collaboration and consensus of the members of the NIPB, who helped collect and compile the data and facilitated the review of issues and current programs within their respective organizations.  The result is an assessment of what it will take for the IC analytic community—in light of the anticipated national security and budgetary environments we will face in the coming decade—to realize the DCI’s vision for the United States Intelligence Community.

This unclassified Strategic Investment Plan was produced on the recommendation of members of the DCI’s National Security Advisory Panel.


NIPB Members

Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production (Chair)
Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Collection
Deputy Director of Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency
Deputy Director for Analysis and Production, Defense Intelligence Agency
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Analysis, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State
Assistant Deputy Director of Operations for Analysis and Production, National Security Agency
Director of Imagery Analysis, National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Director of the Office of Energy Intelligence, Department of Energy
Inspector/Deputy Assistant Director, Intelligence Branch, Investigative Services Division, Federal
     Bureau of Investigation
Director of Foreign Intelligence, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Headquarters,
     Department of the Army
Executive Director, Office of Naval Intelligence
Associate Director for Intelligence, Directorate of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance,
     Headquarters US Air Force
Director, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity
Director, Program Office for Community Analysis
Executive Secretary


Stepping Out Smartly to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges

The National Intelligence Production Board, in this inaugural Strategic Investment Plan, has committed itself to a number of immediate steps that will put the analytic community on a fast train to achieving its broader goals over the next ten years.  In FY 2001, we will:


Develop common Intelligence Community (IC) training requirements, support concept of a "virtual university," and begin working toward the establishment of an IC National Intelligence Academy for joint training and education in foreign languages, collection management, and other specialized areas to complement agency-specific programs.


  •  Fully stand up an IC collaboration center to provide practical guidance and assistance in deploying collaborative pilots and expand- ing them Community-wide.
  • Continue collaborative work in interagency Community technology forums.
  • Break down barriers and begin sharing databases of critical and common concern.

Intelligence Priorities

  • Strengthen the role of the DCI production committees in projecting scientific and tech- nological trends.
  • Expand the mandate of Community warning organizations to include a leading role in competitive and alternative analysis on issues of critical concern.
  • Sponsor a classified Intelligence Community web site, incorporating the daily production of the NIPB agencies to promote collaboration and reduce redundancy.

Customer Support

  • Initiate a digital production program for Community-wide current products to foster collaboration and reduce unnecessary duplication of effort.
  • Deploy tools that will help customers search for and retrieve information quickly in a web-based environment.

Interacting with Collectors

  • Implement an IC-wide analytic and collection evaluation program.
  • Develop a Community-wide capability for rapid data integration by leveraging existing efforts to help analysts merge information from all sources as it is collected and processed.

External Analysis

  • Increase the geographic reach and expand by one-third the numbers of outside experts working with the IC in the outreach program managed by the National Intelligence Council.
  • Establish an Intelligence Community Reserve of former employees to supplement and enrich intelligence analysis during times of crisis.
  • Develop a Community-wide strategy for exploiting open source material to take better advantage of the new information environment and the increasing number of commercial companies involved in open source data collection and analysis.


Cover Letters

Cover letter from Joan A. Dempsey:

SIP Introductory Letter from Joan A. Dempsey


Cover letter from George J. Tenet:

SIP Introductory Letter from George J. Tenet

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