In order for the CIA to meet our mission of protecting our national security interests, we need to employ a workforce as diverse as America itself. Diversity reflects the unique ways we vary as Intelligence Officers—our nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, age, language, culture, etc.  These assorted attributes create different views, which are vital to our innovation, agility, collection, and analysis.

At the CIA, we are dedicated to promoting the critical diversity our mission demands. The Diversity & Inclusion Staff (D&IS) of Center for Mission Diversity & Inclusion (CMDI) serves as the corporate advocate for creating an atmosphere where diversity hiring, development, and engagement are mission-critical.

To ensure the Agency is on target with its diversity efforts, D&IS continuously addresses and systematically reviews key priorities for diversity. Equally important, we review the Agency’s diversity achievements in light of benchmarks that are meaningful to meeting mission requirements.

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