Employee Profiles

We invite you to get to know the men and women of the CIA. They are all Americans who have taken on the important mission of protecting their nation. But they are also your neighbors, youth league coaches and the person in front of you in the shopping line.

SANDRA — Collection Management Officer

I have pride in the fact that what we do is extremely important for the security and vitality of our Nation, what we do cannot be done by just anyone, and we are the very best in the world at what we do. Joining the Agency was, without a doubt, the best professional decision I ever made.

LISA — Electronics Engineer

As an Electronic Engineer, I see new challenges every day. The lab I work in is a quick-reaction environment, our projects last only a few days or maybe weeks. On one challenging project, the timeline was just 32 hours and then I grabbed my tool kit, got on an airplane and traveled halfway around the world to install it.

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