The Office of Congressional Affairs is divided into four teams:

1. Office of the Director: Provides general administrative support to the Director and Deputy Director of OCA. The Director’s office also manages all budget preparation and execution, logistics, human resources, record and document management, and IT support for OCA.

2. Executive Staff: Provides for the entire range of operational, support, and administrative functions necessary to support OCA’s mission, management, workforce, and customers.

3. Liaison Group: Arranges, supports, monitors, and documents congressional briefings, hearings and travel.

4. Legal Group: Prepares CIA proposals for possible inclusion in the annual draft of the Intelligence Authorization Act.  The Legal Group also monitors legislation in order to determine the potential impact on the CIA and its activities, and seeks legislative provisions needed by the CIA (with the concurrence of the Administration).  Legal Group staff members are responsible for frequently reviewing the Congressional Record and other sources for congressional legislative activities of interest to the CIA.

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