Equal Employment Opportunity

The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (OEEO) has two primary roles in the Agency:

  • ensure that every employee has a workplace free of discrimination and harassment; and,
  • providing reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.

OEEO serves as an Agency resource for questions about and actions on behalf of the Director of Central Intelligence Agency's Zero Tolerance Policy* against harassment. When harassment occurs, it affects the Agency's most valuable resource—its people.

Zero Tolerance is demonstrated when management responds to harassing behaviors and ensures that it stops.

Counseling and Investigations Staff (CIS)

CIS provides counseling and facilitates the Agency's EEO complaint process according to Federal regulations for applicants, as well as current and former employees. CIS is the only Agency component authorized to process EEO complaints with the goal of resolving EEO issues through continued outreach, unbiased expert counseling, and neutral fact-finding. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission mandates the requirements and timelines for EEO complaints and provides guidelines for conducting investigations - which CIS follows. CIS is responsible for ensuring the Agency's Zero Tolerance policy against harassment and discrimination is enforced.

Reasonable Accommodations Staff (RAS)
RAS provides reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our goal is to provide equal access for employee in a barrier-free environment regardless of limitations.


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