What We Do

All members of Office of General Counsel (OGC) report to the General Counsel either directly or through senior OGC attorneys who report to the General Counsel. OGC provides legal advice and guidance to senior Agency management and to individual Agency components through OGC's main divisions and attorneys who sit with their clients.

Areas of Practice
Among other things, OGC handles legal issues relating to foreign intelligence and counterintelligence activities, international terrorism, international narcotics trafficking, nonproliferation, personnel and security matters, contracting, finance and budget matters, legislation, and both civil and criminal litigation.

OGC's legal practice areas include: administrative law and government ethics, intelligence support, litigation, operational law, logistics and procurement law, real estate law, environmental law, legislative affairs, law enforcement assistance, information law, security law, personnel law, appropriations and finance law, legal support to the intelligence analysis process, and legal support to science and technology activities.