Learning Resources

Learning and professional growth are key to any career at the CIA. Following initial orientation, new employees can expect to invest considerable time learning the skills needed to perform their jobs. They then will continue acquiring new skills and knowledge as the world changes and their careers progress. The CIA also sponsors employee participation in professional conferences, academic courses, and vendor-taught workshops.

CIA University, the learning hub of the CIA, equips employees with the shared values, commitment to mission, knowledge, and excellence in intelligence tradecraft and leadership needed to accomplish extraordinary tasks in service to our nation. The almost one dozen schools under CIAU, partnered with the broader National Intelligence University, provide a wide variety of skills training and educational opportunities with which CIA officers can develop new ways to frame the world in support of national security initiatives.

CIA employees deployed to the field benefit from traditional classroom instruction as well as cutting-edge, online, and mobile learning technologies. An officer serving abroad may find himself/herself in a video teleconference for training on a new financial management tool, engaging in an interactive online course on biological weapons, or listening to a foreign language pod-cast to improve language skills.