Life in the DS

Over the course of your career as a support officer, you will have the opportunity to serve in a variety of locations and an assortment of positions. You will be invited to enhance your skills either by carrying out progressively more challenging duties within an area of specialization, or by building on your experience and contacts to coordinate support activities across the board for your particular audience.

Support officers generally serve alongside their customers, rotating to a new office or location every few years in line with their interests and increased experience. Career opportunities for DS officers are reflective of the complex array of duties and support requirements that exist across the Agency and the Intelligence Community.

Training Resources
The Agency is committed to providing its employees with all the appropriate skills needed to carry out their current jobs as well as to advance their careers within the Agency. Employees have access to a wide range of both internal courses and local academic offerings.

Building on several courses that introduce all new employees to the overall Agency environment and culture, the Mahoney Center for Support Tradecraft and Leadership Development (MC) works to strengthen core DS Tradecraft skills, increase learning opportunities, and develop leaders both for today and the future.