The Directorate of Support (DS) provides global, agile, integrated, and reliable support to our mission partners. To maximize our capabilities, we have organized our specific services into offices that represent the diverse skills necessary to ensure mission success.

Security is an integral part of working at CIA. DS Security officers are responsible for the protection of our organization's people, mission, facilities and information. Whether physically protecting our facilities or monitoring our network to protect against threats to our online capabilities, we are here to support the Agency's mission.

Corporate Businesses
CIA finance activities take place within the Office of Corporate Businesses. Finance officers develop, implement and maintain financial operations and reporting, and serve as the focal point for a range of Agency financial policies and practices. They assist in preparing budgets for the various levels within the Agency and are often forward-deployed within operational units to better understand and facilitate local financial issues.

Medical Services
This office is dedicated to providing health, safety and other medical-related services to Agency officers wherever they work across the globe. Medical professionals in CIA ensure that Agency officers are healthy and prepared, both physically and mentally, for the unique challenges faced by Agency employees.

Personnel Resources
Human Resources officers from the Office of Personnel Resources are an essential part of the CIA support team. They are involved in the deployment of our officers, the full range of employee compensation and benefits, hiring, training, and other key elements of workforce management. They work extensively with other HR professionals within the Intelligence Community and across the U.S. government.

Global Services
Global Services officers are responsible for providing a full range of integrated/mission-focused global support services, including worldwide administrative and logistics services, supply chain management, comprehensive travel services, publishing, and transportation services for the Agency and the Intelligence Community.

Global Infrastructure
A strong infrastructure is a foundational element for CIA. Our Office of Global Infrastructure ensures a strong, reliable, and secure IT network, as well as efficient, modern, and secure office space. We manage the full range of IT and facilities services with an extremely strong, agile workforce of communications specialists, engineers, applications developers, architects, building specialists and others.

Mission Integration
DS provides support to the CIA through corporate platforms, business applications, strong embedded teams, and the full integration of our wide range of support services. Mission Integration officers manage cross-functional programs and activities for DS, the CIA, and the IC, leading projects that span multiple support business lines.