Vice President Biden Thanks CIA Officers for Their Selfless Patriotism

Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. visited CIA’s Langley Headquarters on April 12 to thank employees for their service to the Nation and to welcome John O. Brennan back to the Agency where he began his professional career. Director Brennan, Deputy Director Michael Morell, and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper welcomed the Vice President at the event held in a packed Headquarters lobby.

Standing at a podium in front of the iconic Agency seal, D/CIA Brennan thanked the Agency family for the welcome he has received during his five weeks as Director. “From the senior leadership team to the new Agency employees that I had the distinct privilege and honor to swear-in in this lobby, I have felt nothing but warmth and love from the CIA workforce.”  Before turning over the podium to DNI Clapper, he told Agency employees, “we should all be proud of the work that we do.”

In brief remarks before introducing the Vice President, DNI Clapper said “It’s absolutely terrific to have John, who is a friend and colleague of many years, back here to lead what I consider to be the crown jewel of the Intelligence Community—and that’s the Central Intelligence Agency.” DNI Clapper also thanked CIA employees for their great work, saying, “I’m a huge admirer, advocate, fan, and cheerleader for the men and women of this magnificent outfit who do so much for the Nation, so much of it unsung.”

Vice President Biden praised CIA officers for their dedication to the mission. “Every single day that passes—every single moment that passes by, the relevance, importance and consequence of this agency is elevated,” he said.

The Vice President especially thanked officers who serve at great personal risk. “You literally risk your lives, and some lose their lives, doing your job every day, knowing that if you do it well, no one will ever know what you did,” he said. “You call it duty. I call it selfless patriotism.”

Vice President Biden also took some time to acknowledge the CIA officers lost in the line of duty, calling them “the consummate patriots and warriors of this Nation.”

“It’s an honor—[an] honor to be here, and humbling to be standing adjacent to the Memorial Wall,” he said.

He closed by saying, “I am confident this Agency is in good as hands as it’s ever been. You’ve all already done so much to preserve this great republic and what we cherish. I just wish you Godspeed.”