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Excerpt from D/CIA Statement to Senate Intel Committee

Statement for the Record

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
General Michael V. Hayden
Director, Central Intelligence Agency
(as prepared for delivery)

January 11, 2007


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Waging a global, high-stakes war against al-Qa'ida and other terrorists that threaten the United States remains a fundamental part of CIA's mission. We work on our own, with other US Government agencies, and with foreign liaison partners to target terrorist leaders and cells, disrupt their plots, sever their financial and logistical links, and roil their safehavens.

  • CIA's war on terror is coordinated and run from our Counterterrorism Center, or CTC, and carried out for the most part from our stations and bases overseas. CTC has both operational and analytic components, and the fusion of these two is key to success. CTC, moreover, works closely with the National Counterterrorism Center to assure protection of the homeland.

CIA's collection on terrorist targets—particularly human intelligence—has been steadily improving in both quantity and quality since 9/11.

  • Access to information is a primary factor in an informant's value to us, and penetrating secretive terrorist organizations is among our greatest challenges.

  • We have made significant strides in this regard—though I am extremely concerned about the damage done by rampant leaks in recent years. Besides setting back our efforts, leaks can and have led to grave consequences for our assets.

Terrorist plots and groups are not broken by single reports or sources, and no detainee knows everything about the compartmented activities of a group. Painstaking, all-source analysis is crucial to supporting and driving operations. The work of CTC has been crucial to identifying and targeting terrorists, vetting assets, and supporting overseas work.


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