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Get to Know the Men & Women of the CIA

Who are the people of the Central Intelligence Agency? Well, all our employees are Americans who have made it their life’s work to protect the US. They serve America and its citizens through the collection and analysis of intelligence. They are intelligent, dedicated, and honorable.

And they are also your neighbors, youth league coaches, and the person in front of you in the shopping line. They went to the same schools you did, and come from a background as diverse as the nation they serve. They are normal, everyday people who lead normal, everyday lives … most of the time.

And here’s your opportunity to meet some real-life CIA employees, and find out from them what they do at the Agency and why they chose to work here:


AHMAD — Operations Officer
When I joined almost 20 years ago, I was one of a small number of Arab Americans in the Agency. I was one of an even smaller number of Operations Officers. At that time I joined because I was looking for adventure and excitement. What I found were opportunities I could have never imagined -- opportunities to have a voice, opportunities to contribute, opportunities to succeed, opportunities to have relevance. In other words, I found opportunities to make a real difference.  My cultural and language skills contributed to my ability to take advantage of these opportunities. The work was demanding and challenging. Nonetheless, if I had the chance, I would do it all over again.


ANH — Staff Operations Officer
I joined the Agency in February 1999. Why the Agency? After being overseas and living in Soviet/socialist countries, I truly had an appreciation of what the Agency was doing to keep the United States a free and safe place to live.  I told myself that I could contribute to help the Agency continue its world mission. I continue to believe in what we do to secure the safety of our nation. I will continue to work for the Agency until I retire.


BILL — Information Officer
Due to the technical nature of my job, substantial training was required when I came on board. I couldn't believe I was learning the things I was learning and getting paid to do it! I've been here for 10 years and am currently a senior operations officer for Information Systems Infrastructure. I break down complex problems and present alternative solutions, allowing senior CIA managers to make decisions. I will say that you make sacrifices to be part of this Agency — personal privacy, and openness with friends and neighbors, for example. But each day my work proves two things that I believed when I started — that this Agency performs a critical role in the defense of our country and that career success ultimately lies in your own hands.


CINDY — IT Engineer
Having worked for CIA for almost 15 years, I started my career as a cryptographer in the Office of Communications. After spending a year in the Women's Executive Leadership Program, I became a project manager, and then Branch Chief. Now I manage a division of more than 100 staff and contractors, and serve on panels that evaluate and provide direct feedback to our engineers. The Agency employees are truly the best and brightest.


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Posted: Oct 25, 2007 06:49 AM
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