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Directorate of Support: Mission-Driven-Solutions

When you are sick, you go to the doctor. When you have an emergency, you call the police. When you build a structure, you make sure it has a strong foundation. The Directorate of Support (DS) provides CIA personnel 24/7 with medical services, security protection, and safe facilities — just to name a few of its mission-critical roles.

Directorate of Support


Mission support was integral to CIA’s activities even before the Agency was founded in 1947. A tradition that began during the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) — the predecessor to CIA — continues today as support officers are forward deployed to work with their mission partners from the Directorate of Intelligence (DI), Directorate of Science and Technology (DS&T), and the National Clandestine Service (NCS). These officers ensure our employees have the support they need to succeed. The continuous drive to improve customer service has been, and always will be, our No. 1 priority.

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Who We Are

There are more than 50 different career disciplines in the DS. Support officers make up a group with varied skills and significant occupational versatility and diversity.

“My current position has allowed me to improve the quality of life and services that directly impact virtually every employee and our Agency's mission,” said Jim, the chief of Enterprise Management Division (EMD). EMD is in charge of CIA’s food service program and parking program, among many of its responsibilities. “I have a team of dedicated professionals that are focused on delivering world-class service and strive for excellence. We have been able to modernize services and adapt to the ever-increasing demands of our Agency's mission.”

The officers in the DS are challenged on a daily basis — on a global scale — to contribute to multiple parts of the Agency’s mission.

“No two days are ever the same,” said Kevin, a senior Agency security officer. “Sure, there are the usual recurring management duties that pepper the average day, but there are always new and challenging situations that arise.”

DS tradecraft is built on expertise, integrity, passion, commitment and an unwavering focus to the CIA mission.


Directorate of Support Image


The Support team is organized along functional lines.

  • Security
  • Corporate Businesses
  • Medical Services
  • Personnel Resources
  • Global Services and Infrastructure
  • Administration and Management

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What We Do

The Agency requires a wide range of integrated support services to fulfill our mission. Support officers work alongside analysts, scientists, and operational personnel daily.

“The most rewarding aspect of my position is being able to assist customers — the satisfaction of knowing that they have enough confidence in me to help them make decisions that could ultimately affect both their personal and professional experiences,” said Felicia, who works as a Human Resources generalist. “A large percentage of officers are deployed globally to support their mission partners, Intelligence Community colleagues, and various other government agencies.”

Whether DS officers are using their expertise alone, or with a team, their collective expertise and creativity enable the CIA’s collection, analysis, and technology missions to advance with precision, focus, and efficiency.

“Our mission is what motivates me,” said Fred, the deputy chief of the CIA’s Security Protective Service (SPS). “I know how important it is for our employees to feel safe and secure, so they can concentrate on their individual missions and tasks.”


Is the DS for you?

CIA could not function without the dedicated officers in the DS. By joining the DS, you have the opportunity to enhance your skills and build on your experience to coordinate support activities across the board. Imagine having the opportunity to serve in a variety of locations and positions throughout your career.

If you think the DS is right for you, see what positions are currently available.

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Posted: Nov 26, 2008 01:00 PM
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