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CIA Kent Occasional Papers Provide Insight into Analysis

Are you curious about the world of intelligence and analysis? Do you wonder how CIA analysts pull together various pieces of intelligence like a puzzle to reveal the big picture? The Kent Center Occasional Papers in the Library section of teaches visitors about the intelligence process.


The Sherman Kent Center

The Kent Center, a component of the employee-only Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis at CIA University, strives to promote the theory, doctrine, and practice of intelligence analysis.

One of the Center's primary goals is to build and share a comprehensive body of professional knowledge.


A Continuing Education

The Kent Center Occasional Papers contribute to the ongoing development of that body of knowledge, offering an opportunity for intelligence professionals and interested colleagues — in an unofficial and unfettered vehicle — to debate and advance the theory and practice of intelligence analysis.


A History of Analysis

Browse through the Kent Occasional Papers and discover the history of analysis. Learn how Sherman Kent came to be considered the “Father of Intelligence” by writing his book Strategic Intelligence. Visitors will come away with a whole new understanding of the intelligence process, and perhaps an interest in a career as an analyst at the CIA.

Below, find a list of articles to get started:


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Posted: Jan 28, 2011 11:59 AM
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