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CIA Diversity Outreach Welcomed at Arab International Festival

Recently, nearly a dozen Central Intelligence Agency officers greeted attendees of the Arab International Festival in Dearborn, Michigan as part of CIA’s nationwide diversity outreach efforts. This is the fourth year the CIA has been a participating sponsor of the event, which is organized by the American Arab Chamber of Commerce.

The CIA’s “Top Secret Lounge” tent, located among food vendor and artisan stalls, was a popular spot.  Children enjoyed receiving “006 ½” badges, while their parents and other interested individuals spoke with Agency officers to learn more about student internship programs and employment opportunities.  In interviews with Middle Eastern American TV and Radio, Agency officers gave personal accounts of what attracted them to the CIA.

“The CIA strives to bring in talented Americans of all ethnic backgrounds and from every walk of life.  That’s why we reach out to ethnic communities, including Arab Americans—to dispel myths about CIA and let them know about opportunities to serve at the Agency” said Robert Hindle, Acting Chief of the CIA’s Recruitment Center.

In addition to public outreach, the CIA Recruitment Center has expanded its regional recruiter program to deepen its relationship with colleges and universities that have diverse student populations.  The Agency is looking for candidates with foreign languages, regional expertise, information technology skills, and more.  The CIA has several active student internships programs, one of which is aimed at students from low-income families.

Hindle emphasized, “We want and need this Agency to look like the America it serves and the world in which it operates.  Our mission is to help protect national security, and we can’t do that very well if we all look alike.  Diversity is more than a goal for us—it is a mission critical imperative.”

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Posted: Jul 29, 2011 08:13 AM
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