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Earth Day at the Agency

At CIA, protecting the nation is a 24/7 global operation. With such high demand for energy and other resources, green practices are critical to reducing our environmental footprint.  We are focused on minimizing our impact, increasing our energy independence, and reducing life-cycle costs of buildings and systems.  We are committed to finding innovative solutions that allow us to maintain our operational pace while protecting our most precious natural resources.

This commitment extends from meeting regulatory requirements to constructing efficient new facilities and adopting industry best practices. Recently we established a “Sustainability Plan for Environment and Energy,” a multi-year, Agency-wide strategic plan to achieve our environmental goals and comply with recently signed environmental Executive Orders 13514 and 13423.  Several sustainability projects are currently underway:

  • Evaluating our infrastructure to identify new “greening” opportunities. These efforts have led to improvements like the installation of a new boiler and generator that produce fewer emissions than existing units.
  • Installing energy-efficient LED lighting in various interior spaces and parking lots at the Headquarters building.  Additional lighting projects are planned to reduce energy consumption and heat load from traditional lighting fixtures.
  • Incorporating Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards into new construction and renovation projects. These changes use 21 percent less energy and 40 percent less water than buildings of the same size and use.
  • Reducing energy usage through light sensors, daylight and task lights, energy efficient appliances and equipment, and hybrid vehicles.
  • Exchanging furniture, office equipment, and electronics that are no longer needed with other government agencies to get the most use out of these products.
  • Increasing web-based forms and services to reduce paper usage.

These efforts are in addition to our traditional environmental practices, including green purchasing, storm water management, and pollution prevention. We recycle more than three tons of cardboard, scrap metal, newspapers, toner cartridges, tires, lead, aluminum, glass, plastic, fluorescent bulbs, construction debris, and scrap electronic equipment annually.  This minimizes waste sent to landfills and helps conserve natural resources.

Preserving the Earth for future generations should be a joint effort by everyone.  We are proud to do our part in creating a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for years to come.


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Posted: Apr 28, 2011 12:12 PM
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