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Big Data is a Big Deal at the CIA

DataScientist.jpgEvery day, the world is flooded by data. Cell phones, smart houses, satellite sensors and countless other sources are creating huge amounts of information—known collectively as “big data.”

The CIA is currently hiring creative, technically-savvy individuals who know how to organize and interpret this complex information.

Chief Technology Officer Ira “Gus” Hunt has explained the significance of big data to the CIA: “It’s the CIA’s job to leverage the world of big data, find out what actually maters, connect the dots and figure out what our adversaries are intending to do.”

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Today’s job market features an increasing number of careers for people with experience in data analytics, computer science, mathematics and engineering. But the CIA offers big data specialists the opportunity to:

  • inform US policymakers,
  • help drive successful intelligence operations,
  • shape future CIA technologies and
  • define resource needs and investments.

CIA data scientists also get to collaborate with colleagues from across the Intelligence Community, attend academic and technical conferences, and build on expertise through continued education—all while serving their country and protecting national security.

A Global Mission Needs Creativity and Expertise

Because the CIA's mission reaches across the globe, the Agency has data sets that can be analyzed in one computational environment.

All of CIA’s directorates—the National Clandestine Service and the Directorates of Intelligence, Support and Science and Technology—are looking for curious, creative individuals interested in serving their country through the field of data science. The CIA wants people who know how to develop computational algorithms and statistical methods to find patterns and relationships in large volumes of data.

To learn more about the data scientist position, please see the career opportunities.

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Posted: Nov 29, 2012 07:56 AM
Last Updated: Aug 06, 2018 02:22 PM