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CIA Maps: Your Ticket to the World now provides free maps that let you explore the globe from your computer.

A great resource for teachers, students, journalists and world travelers, CIA Maps of practically anywhere in the world can be easily downloaded as PDF and JPG files from our Maps section.

Three Kinds of Maps

The CIA Maps section provides three types of maps for most countries:

  • Administrative maps contain information about national boundaries, capitals and administrative divisions.
  • Physiographic maps identify bodies of water, deserts, mountains, historic sites, archaeological sites, elevation points and plains.
  • Transportation maps show international boundaries, expressways, roads, railroads, canals and major airports.

Hyperlinks to related World Leaders information can be found on each map page. For example, on the Afghanistan maps page scroll to the bottom and click on View the Chief of State and Cabinet Members of Afghanistan.

Additional Regional Maps

In addition to country maps, The World Factbook provides regional maps, including time-zone, continental and world maps.

Use Them Freely

All of the maps on are in the public domain. They may be copied freely without permission of the CIA. Our only request is that if you modify the maps in any way, please remove the map number in the bottom, right corner.

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Posted: Sep 20, 2012 10:26 AM
Last Updated: Apr 30, 2013 01:02 PM