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The CIA Workforce Is Finding Its Fit in 2012

findyourfitlogo.jpgIn January, the CIA kicked off a year-long health, fitness and nutrition initiative called “Find Your Fit.” The campaign encourages Agency employees to find an optimal level of health and fitness. “Improving our own individual health and fitness should be part of each of our personal goals for 2012,“ said CIA Director David H. Petraeus in a message to the workforce. “Our work [at the CIA] is physically and mentally demanding, and we need to take care of ourselves to sustain a high level of performance in helping to carry out our Agency’s vital mission.”

The “Find Your Fit” campaign seeks to generate excitement about the many corporate wellness resources available to employees. The initiative kicked off with an Agency-wide health and nutrition expo where employees could consult fitness and nursing staff about improving their health in the coming year.  In mid-May, 450 runners and 250 walkers participated in the Office of Medical Services’ 5-Kilometer Fitness Run and 2.5-Kilometer Health Walk. Other health-related events have included nutritional cooking demonstrations, a cardiovascular health fair, and workshops about using a stability ball and biking to work.dciarunning.jpg Upcoming events include additional healthy eating tips and fitness workshops.

Director Petraeus emphasized the importance of the campaign at a recent event: “Everyone has different habits and different needs regarding physical fitness—that’s why we call this program ‘Find Your Fit.’ I encourage [everyone] to pursue a program that works for [them].”The ultimate goal of “Find Your Fit” is to motivate and educate employees about the different ways they can take ownership of their health and increase their overall wellness in 2012.

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Posted: Jun 01, 2012 08:34 AM
Last Updated: Apr 30, 2013 12:59 PM