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CIA Hosts Middle Eastern American Outreach Event

The CIA recently welcomed 11 leaders from Middle Eastern American communities across the country for the first Middle Eastern Community Outreach Symposium.  The two-day event sought to provide the attendees with a thorough understanding of the Agency’s mission and culture and help the Agency understand the concerns of their communities.

DCIA-at-ME-Outreach-Event.jpg Welcomed By CIA Director

Director David H. Petraeus opened the symposium by thanking the community leaders for their partnership in local recruiting efforts. He underlined the important role they play as bridges between the Agency and citizens of Middle Eastern descent.

He also emphasized the mission imperative to CIA of ensuring a workforce diverse in cultural backgrounds, linguistic skills, and life experiences.  “The Americans you represent have a lot to offer our country,” Director Petraeus said.  “And our government needs their talent, their skills, and their service.”

Panel Discussions

In addition to substantive briefings, the attendees also enjoyed a panel discussion with current Agency officers of Middle Eastern descent.  The officers discussed their personal decision to join the CIA, highlighting the support of their families and their career satisfaction.

The panelists also provided examples of how their cultural backgrounds and expertise contribute to the work they do each day. “My family is Palestinian and I was raised with that culture and language.  In fact, I am often called upon to use my language skills around the office,” said a security officer.  An analyst added, “As someone with a Middle Eastern background, I am able to bring a nuanced, unique view of the Arab world to conversations and analytic products.”

A Commitment to Outreach and Recruitment

Throughout the symposium, community leaders affirmed their commitment to take more active roles as advocates on behalf of the CIA in their communities and shared ideas for enhancing CIA’s outreach and recruitment efforts.

For more information about current career opportunities, please visit the Careers Opportunity page.

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Posted: Aug 02, 2012 09:03 AM
Last Updated: Apr 30, 2013 01:01 PM