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New Languages: Turkish, Kurdish and Korean

Our multilingual content now includes Turkish, Kurdishand Korean.’s foreign language pages are part of the Agency’s continuing effort to make accurate, reliable information about the CIA accessible to a wider audience. Earlier this year, launched pages in five of the official United Nations languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

The foreign-language pages are truncated versions of the full site and include such sections as:

  • About CIA
  • Careers
  • Offices of CIA
  • Contact CIA


New Graphics: Population Pyramids

A 2012 population pyramid for Japan. Click to enlarge.
A 2012 population pyramid for Japan. Click to enlarge.
The World Factbook is unveiling a new graphic in the People and Society section: population pyramids. Population pyramids illustrate a country’s age and gender structure and are constructed from US Census Bureau data. The pyramids will be updated annually.

Population pyramids can yield valuable insights about political and social stability and economic development. The shape of a country’s population pyramid can change over time, reflecting fertility, mortality and international migration trends.

Japan’s population pyramid, for example, displays a mature distribution characteristic of an aging industrialized society with low fertility, high life expectancy and negligible immigration.

Look for more new demographic fields and features in The World Factbook in coming months. Contact us to tell us what you think of the new features.

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Posted: Dec 20, 2012 07:28 AM
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