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CIA Welcomes Two New Employee Resource Groups

The CIA is a diverse workforce, including employees from doctors to disguise artists, analysts to firefighters. Nowhere is the diversity more visible than in the multiple Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) available to all Agency employees. ERGs are dynamic organizations that play a key role in the Agency’s diversity and inclusion strategy. They have led the way to a more positive and inclusive workplace for employees with different backgrounds, cultures and talents.

“ERGs are actively engaged throughout the CIA,” said Carmen Middleton, director for the Center for Mission Diversity (CMDI), the Agency organization that develops and manages programs designed to enhance diversity and inclusion at the CIA. “They identify and inform leadership of important trends in diversity and inclusion, and provide the necessary expertise to help the Agency address complex diversity issues—ultimately supporting the CIA’s national security mission."

Recently, two new groups—the South Asia Leadership and Advisory Membership (SALAAM) and American Veterans Employee Resource Group (AVERG)—joined the Agency ERG network.


South Asia Leadership and Advisory Membership (SALAAM)

SALAAM seeks to support the mission and needs of South Asia-focused components across the Agency and to act as an affinity and advocacy group on issues of importance to its members. SALAAM will provide cultural seminars, literature resources, academic talks, film series, and brown bags to help officers understand the unique characteristics, cultures and traditions in South Asia.


American Veterans Employee Resource Group (AVERG)

AVERG aims to increase awareness of the rich resource that military veterans represent at the CIA. Many members have firsthand experience on the battlefield and can provide valuable insight to the mission of any directorate.

  • AVERG plans to educate the workforce about laws that govern veterans’ issues and to coordinate military workshops and information exchanges.
  • AVERG will assist with recruitment of wounded warriors, their on-boarding and integration into the CIA workforce.


Open To All Officers

ERGs are open to all Agency staff officers and federal employees detailed to CIA. To learn about related topics, please see CIA Director John Brennan’s recent statement on diversity, as well as the full list of the Agency’s ERGs.

Posted: Apr 25, 2013 03:38 PM
Last Updated: Apr 25, 2013 03:38 PM