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Director Brennan Visits Atlanta University Center Consortium Campuses

Director Brennan Addresses Faculty at Spelman College
This fall, CIA Director John Brennan met with leaders of Clark Atlanta University (CAU), Spelman College and Morehouse College–key members of the Atlanta University Center Consortium (AUCC) –  to discuss the importance of diversity at the CIA. The AUCC is the largest association of historically black colleges and universities in the nation. Director Brennan’s visit underscores the Agency’s commitment to building and maintaining productive relationships with leaders in the African American community.

“When I came into the CIA in 1980, the organization consisted largely of Ivy League-educated white males,” Director Brennan said while addressing senior CAU faculty.   “While we no longer look the way we did back then, we still have progress to make to ensure the CIA more accurately reflects the diversity of the world in which we operate.”

Director Brennan Addresses Faculty at Clark Atlanta University
During his one-on-one meetings with faculty from each school, Director Brennan explained the future employment needs of the Agency, the value of liberal arts degrees and how CIA prepares its employees for positions of increasing responsibility within the organization.

“We are looking for people with not only strong education and high grades, but also with key foreign language skills and proficiency in information technology,” he said. “The CIA is very eclectic in terms of skills, but a common denominator is every employee’s commitment to mission.”

Director Brennan also spent time with a large group of undergraduate students from Morehouse College studying international relations and political science.  The students engaged in a candid discussion with Director Brennan about difficult policy-related topics.

“CIA officers work in the shadows, but our work is consistent with the laws, values and ethics of our country,” Director Brennan emphasized.  “We have a talented, dedicated workforce that shares a commitment to our national security and to keeping Americans safe both here in the homeland and around the world.”

Director Brennan and Representatives of the AUCC
To round out the day’s events, Director Brennan and representatives from CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence (DI) participated in a unique analytical intelligence simulation with students from the AUCC schools to help them understand the daily work of CIA officers. The simulation included a mock briefing for the Director on the students’ analysis of a fictional crisis in the Arctic.  As he would to his Agency briefers, Director Brennan asked the students questions on their analysis of the simulation’s issues.

The students expressed enthusiasm for the opportunity to learn from Director Brennan and remarked about his strong display of leadership.  “Director Brennan showed me that a true leader does not expect his pupils to be perfect,” one participant said. “I also learned that true leaders are more concerned with fulfilling the objective than validating themselves.”

Since 2009, officers from the DI and CIA’s Recruitment Center have organized dozens of visit to the AUCC campuses to establish a strong partnership and bolster Agency recruitment efforts. To learn more about CIA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, visit the Diversity page on and read related articles about similar outreach in diverse communities.

Posted: Nov 14, 2013 07:55 AM
Last Updated: Nov 14, 2013 11:48 AM