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CIA Releases New Publication - Profiles in Leadership

Profiles in Leadership is the latest CIA publication
Profiles in Leadership: Directors of the Central Intelligence Agency & Its Predecessors is the newest publication produced by the CIA’s Office of Public Affairs.This unclassified publication offers a high-level overview of CIA's history by featuring the 23 leaders who directed the CIA and its forerunners from 1941 to 2012.

Profiles in Leadership connects readers more personally to the Agency by tying each director’s contributions to CIA’s history. As CIA Director Brennan explained in the foreword:

Taken together, these profiles offer an illuminating account drawn from the full unclassified record. It is written in broad strokes but with enough detail to spark the kind of informed debate that has always been a hallmark of the CIA.  Since its inception, our Agency has been rooted in a culture of inquiry and constant self-examination.This work stands as a fine example of that honorable tradition.

The first profile features Major General William J. Donovan—the Director of the Office of Strategic Services. While Donovan never served as director of CIA, he was formidable in laying the groundwork for what would become America’s first centralized intelligence organization.

By the end of the publication, readers have a deeper knowledge of the Agency’s history and a greater understanding of how successes and failures during each director’s tenure help shape the intelligence that informs policy today.

The Office of Public Affairs produces publications like Profiles in Leadership to inform the public about the Agency and its mission. A printable version of the Profiles in Leadership publication is available on the website. You can also request a copy through our comment form on

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Posted: Jan 09, 2014 12:03 PM
Last Updated: Jul 10, 2014 12:19 PM