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Get an Inside Look at the CIA with Sites to See

Sites to See coverHave you ever wondered what’s hidden within the walls of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)? If you’ve imagined it as another ordinary office building, you’d be wrong. At CIA you can find exhibits, museum galleries, statues, and a memorial wall and garden dedicated to the remarkable men and women who have given their lives while advancing the Agency’s mission.

Would you like to get an inside peek at the CIA and learn about some of the treasures housed within its walls? You can find all of this and more in CIA’s Sites to See publication. The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) produces publications like Sites to See to inform the public about the Agency and its mission.

Sites to See will take you on a tour of the CIA Original and New Headquarters buildings, as well as the surrounding campus. Readers can “stroll” through the different CIA Museum galleries and exhibits on display in our corridors. In this publication, you will discover the mission and rich history of the Agency.

Sites to See is divided into the different sections of the CIA campus. Pictures accompany a detailed description of all the Agency’s exhibits and important features. A printable version of Sites to See is also available on the Web site so you can share it with friends. To request that a printed copy be mailed to you free of charge, contact OPA.

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Posted: Feb 26, 2009 09:47 AM
Last Updated: Apr 30, 2013 12:11 PM