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CIA Honors its Fallen in Annual Memorial Ceremony

24 May 2017

On Monday, the Central Intelligence Agency held its annual memorial ceremony to pay tribute to the men and women of CIA who have died in the line of duty – courageous Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Eight stars were added to the Memorial Wall this year. 

CIA dedicated the Memorial Wall with 31 stars in 1974 to honor those who had fallen since the Agency’s founding in 1947. There are now 125 stars on the wall. 

Three of the stars added on Monday pay tribute to the lives of David W. Bevan, Darrell A. Eubanks, and John S. Lewis. They came to the Agency by way of the Smokejumpers – brave firefighters who parachute into remote areas to combat wildfires. CIA has benefited from the service of many former Smokejumpers, including for its Air America program. All three men died when their plane crashed while carrying out a mission in Laos in 1961.

A fourth star was added to honor Mark S. Rausenberger, an Agency officer of eighteen years, who died while serving overseas. The circumstances of his death remain classified. 

The names of the other four individuals honored with newly-carved stars this year remain classified.

In his remarks to those assembled before the Memorial Wall, Director Pompeo said, “there are now 125 stars on our Memorial Wall, each representing a life that is dear to us, and will be for all time. We remain forever devoted to them, as they were to us. And we will strive to make them proud of us, as we are of them.”

During the ceremony, Director Pompeo presented the families of the fallen officers with a marble replica of their loved one's star.

This year marks the 30th annual memorial ceremony. The ceremony began in 1987 and is attended each year by hundreds of employees, retirees, and family members of those who died in service with the CIA.  

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Posted: May 24, 2017 02:52 PM
Last Updated: Jun 06, 2017 01:04 PM