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CIA Releases New Streaming Ad: “Discover the CIA: Your Nation is Counting on You”

First Streaming Ad in Agency’s History Launched to Recruit Americans to Join CIA

22 June 2020

Today, CIA unveiled its first ever ad on streaming services, marking a new milestone for the Agency’s recruitment efforts. 

“We’re meeting Americans right where they are—on streaming platforms—to share a glimpse of an exciting CIA career and what it could mean for their futures,” said Sheronda Dorsey, head of CIA Talent Acquisition.

The advertisement, including 90-, 60-, and 15-second versions, is set to run nationwide on multiple platforms reaching a widespread audience.

“Since becoming Director, I prioritized how, where, and whom we recruit to be the next generation of CIA officers.  Advertising on streaming services is an important step forward to reach talented Americans with the diversity of experiences we require to continue to be the world’s premier intelligence service,” said Director Gina Haspel. 

Check out the ad and its transcript below:

Official Transcript:

ORIENTATION LEADER:  It only takes one new piece...of foreign intelligence...and everything can change in an instant. 

CIA OFFICER 1:  Hey, I think I found something.

ORIENTATION LEADER:  Most people will never see your work.

CIA OFFICER 2:  Only three people in the world have access to the information we need.

CIA OFFICER 3:  Notify the field.

ORIENTATION LEADER:  Your greatest strength will be the people around you.

CIA OFFICER 4:  You’re gonna be able to see the whole thing?

CIA OFFICER 5:  Yep, gonna be on the roof right here. Best seat in the house.

ORIENTATION LEADER:  And your greatest knowing your efforts...will help keep every American safe.  Your achievements, while unknown to the public, are critical to our national security.

CIA OFFICER 6:  This translation is technically accurate but in this context, it really means this.


CIA OFFFICER 7:  We got it.

ORIENTATION LEADER: counting on you to discover the truth.

CIA OFFICER 8:  I’ll call the White House.



CIA OFFICER 4:  You can play a role protecting our nation. Start a career at the CIA and do more for your country than you ever dreamed possible.

 # # #

Posted: Jun 22, 2020 10:18 AM
Last Updated: Jun 22, 2020 10:32 AM