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CIA's Chief Information Officer Recognized for Outstanding Leadership

April 27, 2009

Al Tarasiuk, the CIA’s Chief Information Officer, was named by the Global CIO Executive Summit as one of this year’s Top Ten Leaders and Change Agents in the technology sector. This prestigious award recognizes CIOs whose outstanding leadership has led to innovative responses to organizational needs.

“Al understands the complexities of information technology and the unique requirements of our officers,” said CIA Director Leon E. Panetta.

“He applies his skill and insights to the essence of our work—how we collect, assess, safeguard, and distribute information critical to national security. Al not only has made decisive contributions to the CIA’s mission, but has fostered innovation throughout America’s Intelligence Community.”

Since becoming CIO of the Agency in 2005, Tarasiuk has spearheaded several major initiatives designed to make it easier for CIA officers to collaborate more effectively and to share and process information more efficiently. That includes the adoption of interactive Web 2.0 technologies, project management methods that deliver quicker results to the end user, and a services-oriented architecture. In addition, he modernized the Agency's main information-handling systems.

Tarasiuk’s achievements, observed Director Panetta, reflect the “can-do spirit and dedication that define our Agency.”

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Posted: Apr 27, 2009 05:03 PM
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