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Vice President Biden Visits CIA Headquarters for Ceremony with Director Petraeus

October 12, 2011

SwearingIn_1_SMALL.jpgDavid H. Petraeus was ceremonially sworn in as CIA Director yesterday by Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. at CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper also attended the ceremony, which was held in the lobby of the Original Headquarters Building before hundreds of CIA employees. Petraeus, the twentieth Director of the CIA, was officially sworn in by the Vice President last month in a ceremony at the White House.

Both Director Petraeus and Vice President Biden addressed the Agency workforce, praising CIA officers for their determination and hard work in keeping our country safe.

"You have such incredible character, all of you," Vice President Biden told the gathered CIA officers. "Character runs through the very spine and history of this Agency. I know that because I'm one of your most appreciative customers, and the President and I every day witness the incredible work you produce and the invaluable service you render to our fellow Americans. And your value continues to appreciate as the threats against us continue to accumulate."

SwearingIn_2_SMALL.jpgVice President Biden also praised Director Petraeus as the right man for a job of critical importance.  “Dave Petraeus has a simple code…Duty, Honor, Country.  With Dave Petraeus, it’s in his DNA; it’s real…I don’t know many men and women who live it like Dave Petraeus has.”  The President’s choice of Petraeus for CIA Director was an “easy” decision, the Vice President said.  Noting that service runs in the family, he praised Director Petraeus’s wife, Holly, for her work at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defending military families from predatory lending practices.

Director Petraeus thanked the Vice President for “recognizing the workforce—because that is really what you’re doing by sharing this great event with them,” and for allowing Petraeus “the opportunity to continue to serve our country—and to do it here, where I wanted to be, with some of the most talented, ingenious, and dedicated men and women that America has to offer.”

SwearingIn_3_SMALL.jpgDirector Petraeus told CIA employees, “I had very high expectations of this Agency, of the workforce, in accomplishing the very important missions given to us.  And I must say, in the first month, you all have far exceeded the very high expectations that I had.”

Concluding his remarks, Director Petraeus pledged to devote himself to serving the Agency and the nation.  “In leading this great organization and in meeting our worldwide missions, I obviously promise that I will give it everything that I have.”

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Posted: Oct 12, 2011 03:31 PM
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