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CIA to Mark 50th Anniversary, Honor "Trailblazers"

September 10, 1997

The Central Intelligence Agency, which marks its 50th anniversary on September 18, is pleased to announce 50 individuals selected as CIA Trailblazers.

These Trailblazers, whose accomplishments range from laying the groundwork for remarkable clandestine collection achievements to analyzing weapons intelligence that has contributed significantly to national arms control policies, will receive medallions from Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet at a ceremony on September 18.

The Trailblazers ceremony will cap several days of events commemorating a half century of CIA service to the nation in protecting American citizens worldwide. The events include a September 17 program honoring nearly 4,000 CIA retirees. All activities are by invitation only.

The Trailblazer Award was proposed by the CIA50 Steering Committee, comprised of officers from across the Agency, as a way to recognize CIA officers, from the Office of Strategic Services days to present, who by their actions, example, and innovations or initiative, have taken the CIA in important new directions and helped shape the Agency's history, said Mr. Tenet.

Congratulating the 50 awardees and their families, Mr. Tenet said, As you well know, secrecy is a necessary part of the intelligence profession. Your achievements probably will never be known in their fullness by the American people. I am convinced, however, that the American people would be enormously proud if they knew of your service, and I hope you will accept this award as an expression of thanks from a grateful nation.

Earlier this year, the CIA invited OSS veterans and former and current CIA employees to submit nominations for the award. Nominations were limited to those individuals --of any grade, in any field, and at any point in CIA's history - who distinguished themselves as leaders, made a real difference in CIA's pursuit of its mission, and who served as a standard of excellence for others to follow.

We were gratified to receive over 300 nominations, and a select panel worked very hard to narrow that esteemed group to just 50 CIA Trailblazers, Mr. Tenet said.

Here are the names of the CIA Trailblazers, as well as their places of residence:

Robert C. Ames (Deceased)
Joseph A. Baclawski Kensington, MD
Matthew Baird (Deceased)
Richard M. Bissell (Deceased)
David H. Blee Bethesda, MD
Paul A. Borel Southern Pines, NC
Patricia L. Brannen Falls Church, VA
Archie R. Burks Gaithersburg, MD
Joseph B. Castillo Fairfax, VA
David E. Coffey Sterling, VA
John E. Craven Silver Spring, MD
James H. Critchfield Williamsburg, VA
Benedetto DeFelice Arlington, VA
Leslie C. Dirks Torrence, CA
William F. Donnelly Annandale, VA
Janet V. Dorigan Great Falls, VA
Carl E. Duckett (Deceased)
Allen W. Dulles (Deceased)
Agnes D. Greene Ft. Myers, FL
Howard P. Hart Free Union, VA
Earl M. Harter (Deceased)
Richard M. Helms Washington, DC
R. Evan Hineman Fairfax Station, VA
Lawrence R. Houston (Deceased)
Paul L. Howe Arlington, VA
Sherman T. Kent (Deceased)
Lyman B. Kirkpatrick (Deceased)
George Kisevalter McLean, VA
Lloyd Lauderdale (Deceased)
Richard T. Lehman Gloucester, MA
Henry S. Lowenhaupt Springfield, VA
Arthur C. Lundahl (Deceased)
Harold M. McClelland (Deceased)
John N. McMahon Los Altos, CA
Antonio J. Mendez Knoxville, MD
Cord Meyer Washington, DC
Eloise R. Page Washington, DC
John Parangosky Annandale, VA
Walter L. Pforzheimer Washington, DC
Carol A. Roehl San Angelo, TX
Linus F. Ruffing (Deceased)
Howard Stoertz Herndon, VA
John R. Tietjen Arlington, VA
Omego J. Ware Washington, DC
John S. Warner Tuscon, AZ
Albert D. Wheelon Montecito, CA
Lawrence K. White Vero Beach, FL
Frank G. Wisner (Deceased)


There are two recipients whose names cannot be released at this time.

'Trailblazers' and Years of CIA Service

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