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Operation Santa Claus

December 18, 1997

During the holiday season, hundreds -- possibly thousands -- of Agency employees participated in the 29th Operation Santa Claus by donating canned food, toys, clothing, and other items to the needy in our area.

Recently, Princess Pale Moon Rose, one of the leaders of Toys for Tribal Tots, visited the Agency. In an interview she remarked ``Some people have the perception of CIA as an austere, mysterious, silent organization. But we see CIA as people with compassion, who are caring and friendly. It's a joy for us to come out here. You are the major benefactor of Tribal Toys for Tots, and that empowers us in caring for Indian children, who often are forgotten during the holiday season. There is a lot of pain, poverty, and helplessness in these communities. The simple acquisition of food and housing spreads resources thin. CIA has really made a difference. We get hundreds of letters, many written in crayon by children, saying ``You were Santa for us. Without you, we wouldn't have had any Christmas at all.'' Rose also noted that ``one of your officers wrote us a personal check to ensure that we could also afford to ship all of your dozens of boxes gifts.'' Terry Rose, another Tribal Tots officer, said, ``Your generosity helps throughout the year, going well beyond Christmas. We are able to use the toy gift program as a way to get young, needy mothers into our clinics for medical checkups. We also give away thousands of books and encourage parents to read to their children every day, thereby contributing to tribal literacy programs.''

The Roses noted that Agency retiree Jim MacDonald assists their program as well, helping deliver boxes, books, and toys each day. They offered ``thanks to everyone in the Agency who has helped us.''

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