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Statement by Acting Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet

February 26, 1997

Nothing has changed in CIA's commitment to providing the maximum amount of information to the men and women who served in the Gulf. To do any less would be a grave disservice to those who risked their lives in the Gulf War. Much of what is now known about chemical weapons and their locations in Iraq is largely due to the efforts of CIA analysts.

CIA has actively supported the investigations of both the Presidential Advisory Commission (PAC) on Gulf War Illnesses and Department of Defense's (DoD) Persian Gulf War Investigation Team over the past two years.


  • We performed a vigorous search of all documents bearing on Gulf War Illnesses, and reviewed them for declassification. We have continued to review our holdings as new information comes to light and additional questions are raised.


  • We concluded last year a comprehensive review of all intelligence information related to Iraqi chemical warfare capabilities and possible use during the Gulf War. As we moved through the process, we shared documents and information with the DoD and the PAC.


  • We performed modeling analysis to estimate where chemicals released from destroyed or damaged chemical munitions storage facilities in Iraq might have been dispersed. The results of these efforts have been fully shared with the PAC and with DoD.

While we know we are not perfect, this remains a high priority for CIA. We will continue to provide the American public with as many declassified documents as possible. I intend to do everything in my power to ensure the maximum amount of information is released.

    Throughout the process of reviewing relevant intelligence data, we have provided information to the DoD and the PAC, sharing documents and information, classified or not. We will continue to do so.

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